Digital Design

Graphic Design, Presentations, Animations, Sound Design & Video

We produce digital and analogue audiovisual media for cinema halls, televsion screens and mobile devices. Ofamfa® specialises in corporate product presentation videos, music videos, animations, documentaries and full length feature movies. We will write your screenplay. We will design your motion graphics. We will animate any media in 2d or 3d. We will design your music and sound effects. We will output your media to broadcast HD Subtitle in ENG, DUT, GER, TUR, ARA, and FRN. We will author Blu-Ray and DVDs. We will output your media to cinema 2K DCP/35mm. You can rent equipment from us. You can hire a creative professional from us. We work with SD/HD/2K/4K and 35mm film. We can output to SD/HD/2K/4K/Blu-ray/DVD/Web and 35mm/dolby SR release prints. We provide this service through our partner CINEFORMAT.

If you are considering producing any multimedia (videos, soundtracks, music, webisodes, episodic tv, adverts, animations, corporate presentations for consoles, mobile screens, television, or theatrical cinema projections, then consider our studio.