Human-Centered Design

User Experiences, User Interaction, Human-Centered Design

The products and services we create for our customers are "human-centered" design. The icons we create and use has meaning; the sounds directs an emotion, the visuals evoke a feeling, the touch brings it all together for a marvelous user experience. Our work is focused on the human experience. We ideate, sketch out, render, code and design, while allowing people to test and interact with our applications.

If you are considering producing an interactive kiosk, ATM, mobile App, Game UI, Car interior dashboard UX and any other product that is aimed at human interaction, and require professional design services, consider Ofamfa Design Studios. We work on Apple Mac OS, Linux OS, Microsoft Windows OS, Apple iOS, Android OS, Windows Mobile OS and Blackberry OS. We also design User Interaction & User Experiences for OEM devices.