ODS Design Features

Ofamfa Design Studio working standards and general features you can expect from us.

No geographical barrier

From our base in The Netherlands, we serve all types of customers from the EU, EEA, EMEA, Africa and the rest of the world.

Always available

Ofamfa supports it's design projects via remote product management for virtual projects and are physically present on jobs that require our presence.

Agile and Custom

No one project is the same. We encourage our customers to go agile and design products and services from the ground up.

Carbon Concious

We are a green business and sensitive to our environment. Our PCBs use no lead, and we manage projects effienciently using technology.

Fast and Efficient

At Ofamfa, we value your time and for that reason, our staff are committed to solving issues fast and efficiently, which is also cost-effective.

Payment Options

All our customers can choose how they pay for their projects. Either a Standard Pricing, Premium Pricing or Negotiated Consultancy Pricing.