Many of our customers have asked these questions, so we have created this page for you.

Why is your website in English?

ODS is based in Amsterdam, in The Netherlands but the majority of our customers live outside this region and speak other languages; not Dutch. After carefully reviewing, we opted in 2009 to make English our primary working language because it is the most widely spoken language by geography and that nearly all the programming languages in the world (PHP, RUBY, Angular, HTML, CSS, SASS...) are written in English. That is why all our communications are in the English language.

What is our studio's policy on IP and Copyright?

Our studio's policy on IP and Copyright are based on how much the customer pays: Standard and Premium.

Our Standard Pricing are based on the European Union and Dutch laws regarding Author's rights and ownership. Since we "author" the customer's work, we retain author's rights and permit the customer to use the final work in a commercial manner. Standard pricing gives us the right to disclose the customer's work in our marketing. Standard (Share your IP and Copyright).

The Premium Pricing allows the customer to "take" ownership of the product or service which we author. With this type of pricing, we issue the customer with a "transfer of design authorship", making the customer the owner. Premium pricing gives the customer, the right to refuse us in disclosing the customer's work in our marketing. Premium (Own your IP and Copyright).

Can your studio handle my project remotely?

Yes we can! A growing majority of business owners prefer such methods of remote working and we can easily accomodate it. Since we design "soft" products, this is no issue at all. We can setup, build, deploy, manage and perform daily maintenance on your digital product and/or service.