Cinematic journey of the Island Man (Ekanth)

Ekanth (Island Man) is a stunning motion picture seething with subtlety and superbly structured storytelling. Amit’s visual pacing and quality of the filmmaking, and the intense sound scoring is what makes this film a delight to watch. The characters are believable. Their tempered dialogue, gestures and facial expressions are pronounced perfectly within this short piece. […]

Dipo: A Cultural Heritage Documentary

A trailer of the DIPO: A Cultural Heritage, the documentary by Marijke Steegstra. Produced by Salvador L. d’Souza under the Ofamfa New Media Entertainment label. See for further information. Copyright 2011 Ofamfa New Media Entertainment.

The BATTLE of Python Programming in Windows

If there is anyone whom should not write a guide to using phyton, it should be me. I have already had a year of Phyton tutorial and i never got it. I sometimes thought of just giving up and retreating to my FILM world (Im originally a 35mm film director/editor) . Phyton is used everywhere… […]