Ekanth (Island Man) is a stunning motion picture seething with subtlety and superbly structured storytelling. Amit’s visual pacing and quality of the filmmaking, and the intense sound scoring is what makes this film a delight to watch. The characters are believable. Their tempered dialogue, gestures and facial expressions are pronounced perfectly within this short piece. Amit’s direction allows the visuals to fully occupy the frame of the screen. With a little knowledge of India, the spaces and environment and tones from the men and women, the corrupt police officer, for example, become real and recognizable, adding a radiant effervescence to the movie’s overall tone. Ekanth’s major charm is its subtlety amidst the chaos complexity of the formal, informal and family interactions which reveal the true nature of the varied relationships. It is a breath of freshness for Bollywood, especially because Amit attempts to tackle one of India’s difficult subject matter, loneliness and isolation, in the muddle of all the economic progresses. The haunting contrast of Akshay’s words “you are looking beautiful today”, said to his wife before his brush with death and thereafter, “can I have a cup of tea” are intensely expressive. What a breathtakingly beautiful film. – Reviewed by S. Souza

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