Faire un cas d’affaires sur mesure kiosques interactifs

Introduction Nous voulons accéder à l’information de ne importe où et de partout et nous n’avons plus la patience d’attendre. De ce point de vue, les kiosques interactifs peuvent se vanter d’être les installations les plus créatifs et les plus utiles dans le paysage urbain, éliminant le besoin personnel et prolongée de la paperasserie et […]

Max Tabs is awesome

Tabs browsing is a great feature on the majority of browsers. Some websites have turned this great feature into a “pop-up” assault. Tabs just pop-up so many times and can be as difficult to manage. Lim Chee Aun’s MAX TABS add-on for Firefox helps with fixing this issue by helping the browsing-user determine the maximum […]

How to redirect a url to another url without cpanel

Cpanel is exteremely useful for website maintenance, especially when a site administrator has to redirect a url. Nevertheless, not all website service providers give access to a cpanel. In other situations, when a cpanel isn’t available (like with a client’s server), then knowing some of these tricks can be helpful. Here is what you can do: […]

Dipo: A Cultural Heritage Documentary

A trailer of the DIPO: A Cultural Heritage, the documentary by Marijke Steegstra. Produced by Salvador L. d’Souza under the Ofamfa New Media Entertainment label. See www.ofamfa.com/dipo.html for further information. Copyright 2011 Ofamfa New Media Entertainment.

New Nederlandse Vereniging voor Afrika Studies Nieuwsbrief

The NVAS Newsletter team recently had me re-do their newsletter into a self-contained CMS; It took a couple of months to get templates, CSS and ecetera ready. Now its all good to go! Many thanks to Marijke, Marieke, John and others who helped make it happen. Here it is: [iframe https://www.afrikastudies.nl/downloads-newsletters/nl609/index.html 700 500] NVAS June […]

Peace 2008 Campaign

I am honored to be co-producing a series of campaigns on behalf of the Ghana National Peace Council. As the 2008 Elections are drawing closer, tensions are mounting between political parties and the need to call attention to the nation is ever so urgent. Below are 4 of the campaigns and the documentary “Country First” […]

Final Masters Project – Visualizing Libation

The final Masters project i developed in 2008 is titled visualizing libation; and the connecting of Ghanaian and Dutch cultures and economies through Schiedam Schnapps, Dutch Wax prints, libation pouring and traditional Ghanaian couture. (Hold mouse down and drag objects) Check out the project. Read a copy of the Masters Thesis.

International Institute Newsletter

This is a newsletter i put together on behalf of the International Institute for Advanced Studies of Cultures Institutions and Economic Enterprise. The concept behind the newsletter was “bold, vibrant and unique”. IIAS-NEL-210807 – Upload a Document to Scribd Read this document on Scribd: IIAS-NEL-210807