Dipo: A Cultural Heritage Documentary

A trailer of the DIPO: A Cultural Heritage, the documentary by Marijke Steegstra. Produced by Salvador L. d’Souza under the Ofamfa New Media Entertainment label. See www.ofamfa.com/dipo.html for further information. Copyright 2011 Ofamfa New Media Entertainment.

Multi Colours: Verhalen uit Hatert 35mm film theatrical release

My first Dutch language film Multi Colours: Verhalen uit Hatert, 35mm documentary film releasing 20th October 2010 at the LUX Cinemas in Nijmegen, in the province of Gelderland. Thanks to Ofamfa New Media, Gemeente Nijmegen and Hatert Fortuna. www.hatertfilm.nl [iframe https://www.deweekkrant.nl/pdfarchief/viewer?archive=25616 700 500] Frontpage News See frontpage news

Hatert Documentary Teaser

This is the documentary teaser for an up-coming film in December 2010. The idea for this short promo was to establish the varying streets of the Hatert area. Professionally scanned of a Kodak Vision 2 200T, Vision 3 500T and edited with Cinelerra and Apple FinalCut Studio. Background scored with Steinberg Nuendo. Produced by M. …

Peace 2008 Campaign

I am honored to be co-producing a series of campaigns on behalf of the Ghana National Peace Council. As the 2008 Elections are drawing closer, tensions are mounting between political parties and the need to call attention to the nation is ever so urgent. Below are 4 of the campaigns and the documentary “Country First” …

International Institute Newsletter

This is a newsletter i put together on behalf of the International Institute for Advanced Studies of Cultures Institutions and Economic Enterprise. The concept behind the newsletter was “bold, vibrant and unique”. IIAS-NEL-210807 – Upload a Document to Scribd Read this document on Scribd: IIAS-NEL-210807

ICC Factsheet designed with visualization

An ICC factsheet i designed whilst working for public information. It uses visualizations as key elements within the design process. The idea is to significantly position the organs of the court in an effective visualizer. Here is what i came up with finally. fs-icc – Upload a Document to Scribd Read this document on Scribd: …

Odupon Kese Atutu Documentary

I worked on this wonderful documentary in 2001-2002 on behalf of Institute for African Studies, University of Ghana. The project was an initative of Professor Odotei and sponsored by Ford Foundation. Produced By: Professor Irene K. Odotei Post-Production By: Salvador L. d’Souza Elements: Non-Linear video editing, Photography, Motion Graphics, Sound-Design, editing, compositing, 3d animation.

Morocco 2006 World Cup Bid

In 2000, my team and i were charted with producing a top class 30-sec commercial in support of Morocco’s bid to host the World Cup. Here is a sample of that advertisement. Producer: Ricci Ossei (Late) Director: Salvador L. d’Souza Elements: 16mm film, betacam sp, color grading, 3d animation, motion graphics and sound design Editing …

Aloette Cosmetics TV Ad

I post-produced and edited these television advertisement for Aloette Cosmetics also in 2006 using a famous face and collections from the Aloette range of products. Famous face Aloette Range Post-Production and Art-direction By: Salvador L. d’Souza (aka. Laurie The Boss) Elements: Famous face, Aloette range, DVCAM, Color Correction, Non-Linear video editing, Photography, Motion Graphics, Sound-Design, …