Dipo: A Cultural Heritage Documentary

A trailer of the DIPO: A Cultural Heritage, the documentary by Marijke Steegstra. Produced by Salvador L. d’Souza under the Ofamfa New Media Entertainment label. See www.ofamfa.com/dipo.html for further information. Copyright 2011 Ofamfa New Media Entertainment.

Duty “Free” experience

On a recent trip to Trinidad and Tobago, i fell in love with the country’s aromatic rum and purchased a bottle (quite expensive at the Piarco International Airport). The airport have an ingenious system whereby you can purchase duty-free beverages from the ground floor and it will be delivered just before you board the plane. […]

The Trinidad and Tobago experience

A short while ago, i traveled to the beautiful Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago. I  was a senior consultant tasked with high level training on Cultural Goods and Geographical Indications. If you do not have your own private jet, there are roughly about two routes to fly – through the US or St. Maarten. […]

Remove the Noise of Anxiety

Heumen Mist Every once in a while, i do something that enables me to think through the many challenges of life – family, business, health and the pursuit of happiness. I discovered that the biggest challenge facing me, my friends and a large majority of the world is anxiety. This human condition is powerful and […]

Dealing with business hogs

Since i begun my professional working career, i encounter, on a regular basis a group of people who want you to contribute your expertise and working time to their business in return for nothing. There is a vast difference between people who understand your worth and will go to every length possible to compensate you […]

To Inc. or not to Inc., that is the question

Choosing how your business is represented not only affects how your would-be clientele perceive of you, but also affects how you operate. Amongst the varied types of business registration, there are two major types – Sole Proprietorship(doing-business-as or dba) and Limited Liability(inc.). Two most important considerations have to be taken into account before registering your […]

Start Up Professional

Setting up a small business is on the minds of many people but a majority of people never venture forward. What’s holding people back or dragging others down is the beginner’s Achilles heels. Almost always, entrepreneurs begin with a viable idea, enthusiasm and a clear product or service. A common Achilles heel for the would […]

Multi Colours: Verhalen uit Hatert 35mm film theatrical release

My first Dutch language film Multi Colours: Verhalen uit Hatert, 35mm documentary film releasing 20th October 2010 at the LUX Cinemas in Nijmegen, in the province of Gelderland. Thanks to Ofamfa New Media, Gemeente Nijmegen and Hatert Fortuna. www.hatertfilm.nl [iframe https://www.deweekkrant.nl/pdfarchief/viewer?archive=25616 700 500] Frontpage News See frontpage news