Maximise your BB Torch 9800 – Part 2 – Remote File Access

Image of User Interface BEIKSWi-Fi FTP APPSimple FTP APP

In Part 2 of Maximising your BB Torch 9800 or other 0S6.0+ device, we shall look at using your device to manage your office files; remotely. Your BB smartphone is a powerful device which can be used to access office files via the FTP protocol. Here are the tools you will need:

1. Your BB device – I recommend the BB Torch 9800
2. BEIKS FTP (€6.50 as at 21/5/2012) – or WI-FI PROXY (€18.50 as at 21/5/2012) or SIMPLE FTP Server (€4.50 as at 21/5/2012). Simple FTP is the most affordable and straightforward; plus i prefer to not spend more than €5 on an APP. All 3 APPS offer free non-commercial trials.
3. An office FTP Server, or a rented cloud service, or access to your company’s webserver

a) Use the MemoPad within your Applications folder to enter the details of your FTP login details. For all the FTP applications mentioned, you will need the domain(, username and password(try setting up complex passwords with mixed values such as 7&3Du~%2@).

b) Purchase the APP from the APP World and install; remember to accept the standard settings; it makes things a bit easier and gives you 100% access to your data.

c) Start the APPLICATION of your choice(example Simple FTP) and login with the details you stored within the MemoPad Application.

a) You will be able to download and upload files (Photos, HTML, CSS, Videos) whilst on the field. This makes you professional and your clients take you serious.

b) You will be able to quickly make amendments and link to your files for client services presentations, pitches or quick notes.

Keep maximising your BB Smartphone! My two cents! Stay Professional!

Published by Sal Souza

Sal Souza is an International Designer (Graphic, Visual, Multimedia, Broadcast Media, Industrial, User Interaction, User Experience) and IT Consultant with expertise in New Media, Web 3.0, IPTV, DTV, Media Production, Product Prototyping, Desktop Software, Interactivity, Mobile Applications, Traditional Knowledge, Geographical Indications and Cultural Goods. He lives and works in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.