Maximise your BB Torch 9800 – Part 1 – Managing Contracts

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Like most businesses, having information and responding appropriately and in time is crucial. It is handy to have access to your office information when you are away seeking business or servicing a client’s need – especially CONTRACTS, SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENTS, WEBSITE MAINTENANCE AGREEMENTS, RECURRING PAYMENTS and others along those lines. Having a BB device and using some simple data entry tricks will enable you to monitor and track when these “contracts” require renewing, editing and amending or when to make payments. Here are the tools you will need:

1. Your BB device – I recommend the BB Torch 9800
2. Documents to Go – Pre-installed on every BB OS 6.0+
3. BB Calendar – Pre-installed on every BB OS 6.0+

There are other professional APPS as well such as *Docs to Go Premium (€14.50 as at 21/04/2012) or *GDocs from Google (€9.50 as at 21/04/2012).

a) Send the agreement, contract or other type of document to your BB Torch via Bluetooth. See this video on how to send files with Bluetooth on a BB Torch.

b) Next ensure that the document has a naming convention that is easily recognizable. For example mc-ex-1112-s1 (manufacturing contract – external – January 1st 2012 – first service). This naming convention will help you to identify the contract even after a few years have passed. See this excellent video on file conventions.

c) Using your BB calendar, you can enter the details of the contract, set whom to call, bank details, email addresses and the name of the contract that requires your attention. The BB calendar allows you to set reminders a year ahead and that’s awesome. See this video on setting reminders with your Blackberry Torch 9800 Calendar.

a) You will be reminded “in time” about your contract, SLA and other recurring project agreements. This makes you professional and your clients take you serious.

b) You will be able to read the contract details and update yourself no matter where you are in the world – especially when you manage lots of documentation – Contracts, NDAs, NCAs, SLAs and other types of agreements.

Keep maximising your BB Smartphone! My two cents! Stay Professional!

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