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Once in a while, you receive a document in PDF that requires you to append your “real signature”. The best approach is to purchase the Adobe Professional document suite with all the tools to accomplish this task. The common concern though is how often will you repeat this? If you work in the documentation sector, then the Adobe suite is a really great investment, otherwise, its a pricey option to append a signature. A common practice is to print the entire document, append your signature, re-scan it and email it. There are some headaches here as well: encrypted pdf documents, print-protected pdf and sometimes the sender will refuse to accept such method (because it’s open to manipulation). So what free option do you have?

1. With a felt-pen/marker append your signature to fill the entire dimension of a plain A4 paper.

2. Place the signature on a flatbed scanner and scan it to a JPEG image, making sure to crop the edges of your scan properly. Remember it’s your signature so keep it safe.

3. Download this awesomely great and simple software for Apple Mac OS – Formulate Pro. This is an Open Source software developed by Andrew de los Reyes. Donate any amount to keep it always free and open to everyone.

Formulate Pro Verion 0.6
Formulate Pro Verion 0.6

4. Installation is simple. Drag to the Applications folder or to your desktop. Open your document (File>Open) followed by selecting your signature image(File>Place Image), then scale down the size of your signature and move it to the appropriate position. If you are happy with it, then PRINT it out as a PDF(File>Print).

My two cents! Stay Professional!

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