Remove the Noise of Anxiety

Heumen Mist Every once in a while, i do something that enables me to think through the many challenges of life – family, business, health and the pursuit of happiness. I discovered that the biggest challenge facing me, my friends and a large majority of the world is anxiety. This human condition is powerful and […]

Dealing with business hogs

Since i begun my professional working career, i encounter, on a regular basis a group of people who want you to contribute your expertise and working time to their business in return for nothing. There is a vast difference between people who understand your worth and will go to every length possible to compensate you […]

To Inc. or not to Inc., that is the question

Choosing how your business is represented not only affects how your would-be clientele perceive of you, but also affects how you operate. Amongst the varied types of business registration, there are two major types – Sole Proprietorship(doing-business-as or dba) and Limited Liability(inc.). Two most important considerations have to be taken into account before registering your […]

Start Up Professional

Setting up a small business is on the minds of many people but a majority of people never venture forward. What’s holding people back or dragging others down is the beginner’s Achilles heels. Almost always, entrepreneurs begin with a viable idea, enthusiasm and a clear product or service. A common Achilles heel for the would […]