How to unregister a mobile phone

How to unregister a mobile phone
So you wish to sell your old mobile phone and acquire a new old BUT you still have to unregister the phone before anyone may purchase it. Whilst it must be easy to register a mobile phone with its manufacturer (Nokia, Blackberry or Apple), trying to unregister is not that straight forward. After a hassle trying to unregister my Nokia E71 and Blackberry Bold, i encountered several hurdles and hope that this post will help you avoid the problems. To unregister any type of mobile phone you will have to follow the steps below:

1. Make sure that you personally registered the mobile phone with the manufacturer on their official website. For example, if you have a Blackberry Bold, register it with

2. If your mobile phone is too old, say 5 years and above, it is much difficult to get any information of your registration. As a thumb rule, i try to replace my mobile phone every two to three years, depending on the type of manufacturer.

3. You will need to have the following information at hand:
a) Serial Number of the mobile phone
b) The mobile number with which you registered your mobile phone with

3. Call the manufacturer of the mobile phone (you can find the numbers on their support or contact webpages):
a) If you have a NOKIA phone for example, The Netherlands number to call up would be 0900-2026055
b) Ask for the technical support and REQUEST (politely if you can) that you wish to unregister your mobile
c) Give them the details above and in under 15minutes your mobile phone will be unregistered
d) You will notice some minor connection and signal problems during the unregistration process
e) Turn your mobile phone OFF for about 10minutes and everything should return to normal

4. Now you can sell your phone without any worries and the next owner can easily register the phone

This process is generally applicable to all mobile phone manufactures and should work even if you are calling from abroad.

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