Aloette Cosmetics TV Ad

I post-produced and edited these television advertisement for Aloette Cosmetics also in 2006 using a famous face and collections from the Aloette range of products.

Famous face

Aloette Range

Post-Production and Art-direction By: Salvador L. d’Souza (aka. Laurie The Boss)
Elements: Famous face, Aloette range, DVCAM, Color Correction, Non-Linear video editing, Photography, Motion Graphics, Sound-Design, editing, compositing, 3d animation.

Published by Sal Souza

Sal Souza is an International Designer (Graphic, Visual, Multimedia, Broadcast Media, Industrial, User Interaction, User Experience) and IT Consultant with expertise in New Media, Web 3.0, IPTV, DTV, Media Production, Product Prototyping, Desktop Software, Interactivity, Mobile Applications, Traditional Knowledge, Geographical Indications and Cultural Goods. He lives and works in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

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