Apps & Websites Design

Smart Device Apps, Smart TV Apps and Websites Design

Ofamfa Design Studio is the place to conceptualise, design, develop and code your device specific or cross-browser website or web application. Our 20 years experience building websites and apps make us your trusted bureau to handle your project. We design both static websites and dynamic web applications utilising proprietary and/or opensource frameworks, content managers and other web 3.0 tools. Ofamfa writes it's own custom solutions to handle your website's animations, multimedia and other content. We are full-stack web designers and code in the familiar languages such as HTML5, CSS, SAAS, Javascript, JAVA, Ajax, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PDO, PHP, XML, JSON, Angular, Bootstrap...

Ofamfa Design Studio designs mobile applications for mobilephones, televisions, and for Enterprise/business purposes. We help our clients to build the best User Xperiences for their customers by applying our design thinking principles. We design applications for Apple Mac OS, Linux OS, Microsoft Windows OS, Apple iOS, Android OS, Windows Mobile OS and Blackberry OS.