About Ofamfa Design Studio

Ofamfa is the name of our Design-Thinking Studio. We provide professional design services for the Information, Communications and High Technology sectors. We work in-studio, remotely and on-site. We apply design sprint practices to all our solutions.

We are a team of creative and technically skilled designers. We produce cutting-edge AV MEDIA, NEW MEDIA, WEB MEDIA, SOFTWARE, HARDWARE and INDUSTRIAL DESIGN. The team at #ofamfa are multilingual, with multiple nationalities, international travel experience, highly organised, results oriented and socially astute. We are great team players, full of energy and inspire creativity amongst those we work with. We love our work! We love new challenges! Look around, check us out on social media, and contact us.

Our headquarters is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, European Union. We are registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK), pay taxes to the Dutch Tax Authority (Belastingdienst) and bank with BUNQ and N26.

Our mailing address is Ofamfa Design Studio (ODS), Keurenplein 41, Box E370, 1069CD Amsterdam, The Netherlands. European Union. Our telephone numbers are +31-(0)84-003-9706 / +31-(0)87-784-1835 / +31-(0)68-568-1653. Our fax number is +31-(0)87-784-3119. You can send us an email to administrator@ofamfa.net / info@ofamfa.com