Ofamfa Design Studio

Ofamfa is an idea-to-market design studio with expertise in high-tech product design. We design User Interfaces, User Xperiences, Software, Hardware, Games, Apps, IoT, Systems Automation & Web 3.0 products. We align ourselves with our clients goals and enable them to maximise their brand's impact on their customers, by adding great value to their business.

We are located in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, on the border with Kranenburg, Germany. Check us out on social media, and contact us: administrator@ofamfa.net | Phone: +31-(0)84-003-9706 / +31-(0)87-784-1835 / +31-(0)68-568-1653 | Fax: +31-(0)87-784-3119


Ofamfa Design Studio offers the following turnkey/custom services.

New Media Design

We design mobilephone & TV apps, electronic kiosks, corporate presentations, and user experiences.

Software Design

We design custom software, prototypes, eCommerce, healthtech, mobile payment systems & fintech.

Hardware Design

We design custom hardware, game consoles, generic pcbs, flexible pcbs, portable devices & settop boxes

Human UI/UX

We design human centered, static and dynamic User Interactions and User Experiences

Internet of Things (IoT)

We design Internet of Things (IoT) and WEB 3.0 enabled products and services. 


We study your business systems and design unique mechanical and digital automations

Digital Multimedia

We design visual marketing multimedia including powerpoints, films, animations, music and videos. 

Apps and Websites

We design custom static and/or dynamic apps and websites that are responsive, clean & super fast loading.


Past Projects in Hardware, Software, UX, UI, Websites, Applications, Books, Multimedia, Firmware, New Media.


Comments and recommendations from some of our satisfied clients.

"I first met Sal at the Blackberry conference in Amsterdam and got him involved in a large scale project designing a complex 360-degree IT system for in-bus information. Sal was professional throughout the process and helped the team into a cohesive element. He was responsible for bringing together a cross section of IT professionals from Europe and Asia. His language and programming skills was crucial to the success of the project. Specifically, his understanding of the entire pipeline was significant: PCB design, Firmware design, QT GUI overlay, Enclosures and Live testing. I recommend his services to anyone."

M. May - Fortune 100 Company

"It has been a great pleasure working with Sal. Not only because of his endless knowledge of New Media, but also because Sal is socially very involved and really willing to help you make a difference."

W. Cousijn Trainer / Procesbegeleider Wijkaanpak

"Sal is a brilliant conceptual mind. He has a focused mindset and is an individual who has a stalwart penchant for detail. He is a driven professional and is solidand relaible on keeping to and meeting agreed timelines; he is loyal to what he signs unto and is willing to take unmitigated risks for ideas he believes in. Above all, he is a selflessly committed; honest and sincere man of principle, and a lot of fun to hang out with. His most admirable quality, however, does lie in his quality and/or pedigree of integrity and in particular, in the manner in which he has and continues to work for and on the projects which we have both signed unto. Beyond his professional expedience, he is also a bonafide family man and radiates a keen sense of responsibility in the way and manner in which he balances our shared creative experiences with a harmonious family life."

G. Twumasi CEO - ABN Holdings Limited

"Sal is an inspiring trainer offering practical and effective solutions in his media training courses. For the NVAS (Netherlands Association of Africa Studies) he regularly gave trainings on how to get accross the content and value of recent scientific research with modern media, for example in a poster presentation."

A. Breedveld Linguist & Researcher - Leiden University

"Sal is an excellent professional and highly skilled individual who quickly grasps what you are trying to achieve and delivers high quality results, working to tight deadlines and ensuring the customer is always satisfied. I highly recommend Sal for any creative aspects your business needs, he will understand & deliver."

A. Pons Dir. Global Sales & Marketing - Exset BV

"Sal has worked for me as a data recovery specialist for the past six months. He has established an outstanding result while restoring data from a disk that everyone else had considered as lost... I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a very technically skilled person in both software and hardware..."

J. Visser Project Manager at ICreative bv


We are a group of highly skilled individuals working as a team.

Sal Souza, MA.

CEO/GM/Industrial Designer

Stefan Cummins, MBA.

COO/Business Developer

Lijuan Wu, MSc.

Industrial Designer

Maima Abadel, MA.

New Media Designer

Amber Branford, MA.

Multimedia Designer

Anil Doshi, MSc.

Lead Full Stack Developer

Thomas Cramer, BA.

Audio Visual & Animation

Phil Abramson, MSc.

Industrial Designer

Mike May, MSc.

Full Stack Frontend Developer


The following rates are “indicative”. Choose between fixed rates or let's negotiate


  • Limited to projects within EU/EEA

  • €150 / hour 

  • Includes 21% NL VAT*

  • Some Limitations

  • EU/EEA Authorship clause 


  • Unlimited Projects / Geography

  • €300 / hour

  • Outside EU/EEA. No VAT**

  • No Limitations

  • IP transfer or Work for hire


  • Unlimited Projects / Geography

  • Negotiable per project

  • Outside EU/EEA. No VAT**

  • No Limitations

  • 100% Work for hire


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